The 1000 people band

Our previous multimedia concert / sonic & visual in love


Most geek musicians harbor a certain control-freak fantasy: free access to an unlimited instrumental reserve embodied by spotless performers, in order to serve insatiable orchestral ambitions. The mythical pocket symphony, crushed and packed in the Swiss Army Knife computer box of a home studio. Wannabe geeks Gangpol & Mit are no different, but they've taken the technological idiocy a step further.

Having toured their peculiar brand of audio-visual joy from Mexico to Japan the last few years, they're now ready to unveil their new stage show. Developing elements from their last album on the Ipecac label (The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club) G&M have recruited an army of virtual musicians to join them onstage, designed, animated, and multi-screened with love for a very precisely synchronised extravaganza. Surrounded by the 1000 people band (unheard compositions and characters strafed across multi-screens, live vocals against custom magic instruments triggering technological cataclysm, and a melee of surprises and odds and ends), you won't be able to tell whether electronics, classical composition, inverted club or digital violence will be the winner in the end.

Live act, music & visuals: Gangpol & Mit
2D animation assistant: Florient Teyssié
3D animation assistant: Alexis Dhorme
Extra live tools engineer: Freeka Tet
Lights engineer: Sébastien Thomas

With support of Arcadi, CNC Spedidam, and residencies at la Gaité Lyrique, Stereolux, Le Cube, L'Antipode & Nicéphore Cité.