FAITS DIVERS - DVD - Pictoplasma publishing
For their first DVD release as well as first monography, G&M and Pictoplasma are happy to introduce this long-time announced blend of freshly pressed music videos, wild derivative cartoon adventures, and various disturbing activities along carefully pronounced english uncanny dialogs.

Digging into a more narrative direction, videos collect a frenetical amount of sceneries straight from doomsday, while soundtrack starts haunting the lands of cinematic Italian synths, ghetto can swing, or imaginary folklores. Packed in strong yellow cardboard brick, the book presents the visual worlds as original movie posters and scene shots of the most thrilling episodes: hit-and-run canine casualties, technological voodoo apocalypse or terrorist confetti exploding everywhere.
32 pages book with 4/3 DVD, PAL, 18 tracks Stereo, All zones
AVALAIBLE NOW ONLINE, ORDER AT: http://www.pictoplasma.com
IN STORES: 01/01/2010

GANGPOL & MIT - The 1000 softcore tourist people club - CD - Ipecac

OUT NOW: The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club - New album / cd + digital

Released by Ipecac recordings: www.ipecac.com

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Collector handmade limited press / 50 copies
Transparent lathe cut 8 inch in B&W coloring booklet
Inside: colour print on photo paper, foldable poster & color pencil included

A1 - Safety Instructions in Case of Emergency
A2 - Tiny Woody Boy
B1 - Island Of Da Motherboard Slaughter
B2 - Along A Holy Riverside

G&M: "Music Hall, Building Fall"
Out One Disc - KBSDDCO1009 - Cd - www.outonedisc.com

Hybridal release especially dedicated to japanese label Out One Disc, this cd includes 3 tracks from "The Hopelessly Sad Story..." LP, 3 tracks previously released on various european compilations, and 7 brand new happy-face tracks full of casio pop, toy pop, space pop, disco pop or comedy pop, merging with bossa, R&B or musical flavours. Full of featurings, it also includes Chinese Slavery video on .rom part under full-color digipack.

- For Europe, US, Canada...:
Email us: info@gangpol-mit.com
- For Japan:, please check: www.outonedisc.com. Record is also avalaible in most shops and some mailorders. 
 G&M: "The Hopelessly Sad Story of the Hideous End of the World"

A narrative musical project about the end of the world: dispaired data-pop, vocoder abuse & fantasy choirs on sad lullabies, rebuilt orchestra arrangements & theatrical speeches
wwilko - ww017 - picture vinyl LP - limited edition: 500 copies - SOLD OUT
 Gangpol & Mit Tournent en rond (vinyl LP, wwilko, ww009, jan 05)

From quiet shifted melodies, galactical landscapes, pathological lyricism and voice synthesis to fullspeed digital toy music, cheap keyboard arrangements and lo-fi dancefloor attempts.
limited edition: 500 copies - SOLD OUT
G&M - Disque compact, pièces détachées (cd LP, audio + vidéos, march 04)